KONA is a sample Web site that demonstrates some of the imaging capabilities available to National Pen using Scene 7, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Kona is hosted entirely in the Cloud at the Microsoft Azure Western US data center.

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Scene 7 Logos

Explore searching and editing asset that reside in the various Scene 7 SAAS companies. The searching occurs accross all defined companies. In addition to the search capabilities, the Scene 7 Logo system provides for editing of a logo's variable parameters including imprint text.

Logo Locker

Explore uploading and editing your own images. The logo locker supports uploading files to the web site. Your images are available for editing once they are uploaded. The process of editing your image also spotlights the ability to place your edited image on multiple vignettes.

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Scene Builder

The Scene Builder is a quick example of leveraging the simplisity of Scene 7 templates. These templates allow the user to select individaul graphic scene elements to assemble a finished themed design.

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The Rainbow editor shows the ability to preview "Rainbow" style imprints on vignettes. In addition, to the editing capabilities the sample shows the dynamic nature of selecting product attributes.

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